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SEPA-enabled Onlinekonto

Whether as a business or private account: you can always carry out SEPA transfers and direct debits. What makes it possible is an own IBAN and BIC.

Account information »

Onlinekonto without Schufa credit rating

Opening a Onlinekonto does not trigger a Schufa or any solvency screening. It takes only a few steps to open a business and or private account.

Account information »

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Features of your new Onlinekonto

The Onlinekonto of PayCenter provides a personal, SEPA-capable banking account for monetary transactions. Money transfers and direct debits work without any restrictions. You can set up and manage scheduled transfers and standing orders.

The free online access provides central management of all business and private accounts. The HBCI-connection allows multibanking using the appropriate software.

Accounts for business owners and private customers

Businesses, self-employed persons, freelancers and private customers of full age can open a Onlinekonto. PayCenter does not segregate. Whether for business or private purposes, the Onlinekonto is fair, flexible and powerful.

Account holder or holder of a debit Mastercard is the applicant - the business, the private customer, the freelancer - You! Authorisations to third parties or partner cards are prohibited, but you can open as many Onlinekonto accounts as you consider necessary.

Note: The maximum account balance is limited to 15.000 Euro.

Onlinekonto with seizure protection

Private customer are given the option to transform their Onlinekonto into a seizure protection account (P-Konto). This process does not trigger a Schufa credit rating enquiry or entry by PayCenter. This additional services comes free of charge. The debit Mastercard remains completely active and usable (Cash withdrawals, payments)

The P-Konto protects the statutory minimum amount from seizures. This amount can be increased by maintenance obligations etc.